when HTTP_REQUEST { ## Check if host name match otherwise exit. ## This is needed if you have multiple websites running on same Virtual Server set host1 [string tolower [HTTP::host]] if {$host1 contains "your_website.com"} { ## Set variable #Your website (unique)shortcode, needed to divide multiple online waiting room iRules on same Virtual Server. #In this example the shortcode is SITE1 set OWR SITE1 # Max visitor count # How many concurrent visitors can you serve set max_visitors 10000 # Timeout in seconds # IdleTimeout value is based your cart ideltimeout value. Must at least be equal to your cart IdleTimeout value. # MonitorTimeout is needed for RPM monitoring set IdleTimeout 960 set MonitorTimeout 65 set WaitingRoomTimeout 60 # Decide vistors IP address. Visitors behind a proxy are seen for one visitor. if { ([HTTP::header exists "True-Client-IP"]) and ([HTTP::header "True-Client-IP"] != "") } { set Client_IP [HTTP::header "True-Client-IP"] } else { set Client_IP [IP::client_addr] } # Defining Tables set VisitorsTable VisitorsTable-$OWR-$max_visitors set RPMTable RPMTable-$OWR set WaitingRoomTable WaitingRoom-$OWR-$max_visitors # Generic set unique_id [format "%08d" [expr { int(100000000000 * rand()) }]] set request_uri [HTTP::host][HTTP::uri] set VIP $OWR-vip-url-list # Counters set VisitorCount [table keys -subtable $VisitorsTable -count] set WaitingRoomCount [table keys -subtable $WaitingRoomTable -count] set RPMCount [table keys -subtable $RPMTable -count] set TotalVisitors [expr {$VisitorCount + $WaitingRoomCount}] ## End Variable ## Monitoring # Allow monitoring from internal IP's or subnets. if { ($Client_IP contains "") || ($Client_IP contains "20.20.20") } { # /getcount # If you browse to http://your_website.com/getcount you will see statitics of your Online Waiting Room. # You can use this to integrate with your monitoring system. if { ( [HTTP::uri] equals "/getcount" ) } { HTTP::respond 200 content "\[$TotalVisitors\] \[$max_visitors\] \[$WaitingRoomCount\] \[$RPMCount\]" TCP::close return } } ## End Monitoring ## Register RPM table add -subtable $RPMTable $unique_id $Client_IP\;$request_uri $MonitorTimeout ## Start WaitingRoom # Check if the visitor session still exists set VisitorSession [table lookup -subtable $VisitorsTable $Client_IP] if { $VisitorSession != "" } { # We have a valid session... The lookup has reset the timer on it so just finish processing } else { # No valid session... # Check if VIP URL set vip_url [class match -value [HTTP::uri] contains $VIP] if { not ($vip_url == "") } { # VIP, do nothing } else { # NOT VIP, Check connection count for displaying WR Page # So do we have a free 'slot'? if {$VisitorCount < $max_visitors} { # Yes we have a free slot... Allocate it.. # Register visitor table add -subtable $VisitorsTable $Client_IP $unique_id $IdleTimeout } else { # Max visitors limit reached, show WaitingRoom # Insert visitor into WaitingRoomTable table add -subtable $WaitingRoomTable $Client_IP $unique_id $WaitingRoomTimeout # Show waiting Room HTML HTTP::respond 503 content { Online Waiting Room

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} TCP::close } } } } }