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Windows 7 Professional doesn’t allow you to enable BitLocker encryption. That’s only supported on Windows 7 Enterprise and from Windows 8 system. But It’s possible to use BitLocker Encrypted devices on Windows 7 Professional systems. This gives us the ability to use BitLocker Encryption on Windows 7 Professional  as well.

By creating once a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) with BitLocker encryption on a Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 8 system and attaching this VHD to a Windows 7 Professional system,  we can secure data on Windows 7 Professional as well.

Creating a VHD

First create a Dynamically expanding VHD on Windows 8 system by using Disk Management Console.


Initialize this disk and format it as usual.


Enabling BitLocker Encryption

Now from Windows Explorer Turn on BitLocker on this new drive. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Now this VHD is BitLocker Encrypted. Without the password the data on it is not readable anymore.


This VHD can be used on other systems as well, like Windows 7 Professional. Just Detach the VHD and copy the VHD file to other systems.


Attach this VHD on a Windows 7 Professional system by using Disk Management Console. Now you will have  a BitLocker encrypted device where you can securely store data.
This VHD file can be duplicated for multiple use.

Auto attaching the VHD file

You can also attach the VHD file automatically at system startup by creating a diskpart script


Now create a batch file to call the script above.


If you want, you can schedule a task for this batch file to be run at system startup to automatically attach the VHD at system startup.

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