Tuncay Sahin

ICT Engineer | Docent ICT & Trainer

Linux (RHEL / CentOS)

This document shows some example rules to filter network traffic  with the iptables firewall. Iptables uses the concept of IP addresses, protocols (tcp, udp, icmp) and ports and  places rules into predefined chains (INPUT, OUTPUT and FORWARD) that are checked against any network traffic (IP packets) relevant to those chains and a decision is made about what to do with each packet based upon the outcome of those rules, i.e. accepting or dropping the packet.

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This tutorial will help you to sync data between two (web) servers with “Rsync“ for example to minimize/eliminate downtime/data loss of your web servers.
Rsync (Remote Sync) is a command tool to copy and synchronize data locally across directories, across disks and remotely across systems to perform data backups and mirroring between two Linux systems.

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